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Michael Schabas

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BOOKS, Articles and papers include:

  1. The Railway Metropolis: How planners, politicians and developers shaped modern London, ICE Press, Dec 2016.

  2. Twenty Years of Partial Privatisation.pdf Modern Railways, Sept 2015.

  3. Market Pricing is Essential.pdf Railway Gazette, Sept 2012.

  4. Benchmarking For Dummies.pdf Modern Railways, May 2012.

  5. Eko Rail Wins Lagos Blue Line Concession.pdf Metro Report International, March 2012.

  6. Market Pricing - Special Report.pdf Passenger Transport, Issue 028, 23 March 2012.

  7. “Without Market Pricing, Half the Benefits of HSR are Wasted,” RailWorld Summit, Beijing   没有市场定价Without market pricing.pdf Sept 2011.

  8. North-South Eastern Railway (NSER) teaser.pdf June 2010.

  9. NSER Pre-feasibility Study.pdf June 2010.

  10. “European Rail Retailing,” unpublished World Bank Working Paper, June 2010. Translated into Chinese 欧洲火车零售.

  11. Crossrail Approaching The Starting Blocks.pdf Planning In London, Issue 64, March 2008.

  12. “To Fix Heathrow, Extend Crossrail to Stansted,” Planning in London, Issue 62, July 2007.

  13. The Stansted Solution.pdf Opinion (Leader) in the Financial Times, 22 June 2007. Reprinted in Planning in London, July 2007.

  14. Paying for Crossrail.pdf Institute for Economic Affairs Journal, March 2005.

  15. Break Up Railtrack.pdf Personal View (Leader) in the Financial Times, 22 June 2001. Also published as adapted articles in Modern Railways, April 2001 and in Rail Freight Group Newsletter, March 2001.

  16. New Railways for London.pdf Planning in London, April 2001.

  17. “Competitive Behaviour in Britain’s Privatised Rail Industry,” Privatisation and Deregulation of Transport, Oxford University Regulatory Policy Research Centre, Macmillan, 2000.

  18. Banded Road Use Charging.pdf Centre for Policy Studies, London 1995. Abridged version published in Going Green, the magazine of the Environmental Transport Association

  19. Burnt Offering.pdf “Jubilee Line: The Inside Story,” New Civil Engineer, March 1994.

  20. ”Automated Transit Systems,” The Urban Transport Industries Report 1993, editor Tony Ridley.

  21. Kings Cross Project Review.pdf Review of BR’s strategic assessment of options. Recommended a surface Channel Rail Link to a new terminal at St Pancras. Presented to the House of Lords Committee on the Kings Cross Bill Report.pdf July 1992.

  22. Involving Property Developers.pdf Planning Passenger Railways, Transport Publishing, London 1991.

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  25. Quantitative Analysis of Rapid Transit Alignment Alternatives.pdf Transportation Quarterly, Eno Foundation, Westport USA, July 1988.

  26. Smart Transit Systems: How the Software Changes the Hardware.pdf Paper presented at American Public Transit Association conference, June 1987.

  27. "Modern Transit for Modern Cities" paper presented at China Road Federation Conference, Taipei, Taiwan and Istanbul Technical University Symposium on new rail systems, both 1985.

  28. Vancouver Advanced LRT.pdf “Breakthrough in the Real Estate-Transit Connection,” Proceedings of the 1982 National Conference of the Canadian Institute of Planners, Ottawa 1982. Co-authored with Jean Porteus.

  29. "Creative Traffic Control," City Magazine, Toronto 1979.  

  30. “Planning Suburbs for Public Transportation,” Masters Thesis.pdf Harvard Kennedy School, 1981.

MICHAEL SCHABAS has written and presented extensively on the management strategies of railways and urban transport systems. He has a detailed understanding of the technical, economic and political opportunities and constraints within which rail and urban transit systems must operate.

As an advisor, bidder and contractor, Michael Schabas has a comprehensive knowledge of finance and contractual delivery structures such as public-private-partnerships, concessions and franchises.