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Michael Schabas

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GUEST SpeakER - Full List

  1. “Is It Time to Renationalise the Railways?” The Briefing Room, BBC Radio 4, London, Jan 2017.

  2. Designology Debate: Connect or Forget, London Transport Museum, Jan 26, 2017.

  3. California Passenger Rail Summit, Toronto RER project and lessons for California, Los Angeles, April 2016.

  4. 20 Years of Rail Franchising, Railway Study Association, London June 2015.

  5. OMEGA Seminar, “The Lagos Blue Line: Developing Nigeria’s first Metro as a PPP Concession,” Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, London, Feb 2013.

  6. Axis Conference, Tripoli, Libya, Jan 2013.

  7. UK AirRail: Connecting for Growth, London, Nov 2012.

  8. Nigeria Development and Finance Forum, London, May 2012.

  9. Transit Leadership Summit, Rockefeller Brothers’ Fund/Volvo Research Foundation/ Regional Planning Association, New York, April 2012.

  10. China Academy of Railway Sciences, Beijing, 2011.

  11. RailWorld Summit 2011, Beijing, 2011.

  12. China High Speed Rail Conference, “Market Pricing for Profitability,” Beijing, 2009.

  13. 4th Annual China Railway Summit, “European Rail Retailing,” Beijing, 2009.

  14. Eurorail, “The Role of Private Operators Developing High-Speed Services,” Berlin, 2009.

  15. Die Grunen/Green Party Conference, “Deutschland im Takt?” Bundestag, Berlin, 2009.

  16. China Urban Rail, “Public Private Partnerships,” World Bank Symposium, Beijing, 2008.

  17. Forum 1520, “Human Resources in the New Railway Industry,” Sochi, 2008.

  18. BAG-SPNV Annual Conference, “Rail Ticketing in the UK,” Berlin, 2008.

  19. Inspire East: Planning Sustainable Suburbs, Cambridge University, 2008.

  20. Central and European Rail Freight, Budapest, 2006.

  21. Crossrail Challenge and Opportunity.pdf, London, 2005.

  22. Stagecoach Integrated Transport Conference, Winchester, 2005.

  23. Delivering Essential Transport in Growth Areas.pdf, London, 2005.

  24. “Investing in Railways - Buyer’s Perspectives.” World Bank, Washington DC, 2005.

  25. Competition and Open Access.doc Regulation Conference, London, 2002.

  26. European Transport Conference, “Bidding for Railways on Four Continents,” Homerton College, Cambridge University, 2001.

  27. TransAfrica Investment Forum, London, 2001.

  28. London New Railways.pdf, London Rail Conference, 2001.

  29. World Bank Railway Roundtable, Vienna, 1999.

  30. Member, Technology Foresight Panel, Cabinet Office (UK), London, 1995-1998.

  31. Africa Rail ’98, Johannesburg, 1998.

  32. Londons Transport Future.pdf Waterfront Conferences, London, 1998.

  33. AUSRail ’97, Melbourne, 1997.

  34. “London’s Transport Infrastructure,” AIC Conference, London, 1996.

  35. Waterfront/IT Conference "The National Transport Debate", London, 1995.

  36. Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors London Chapter, London, 1995.

  37. Cities '94 Conference on Urban Regeneration, London, 1994.

  38. Bow Group Conference, “Burnt Offering: The Jubilee Line Extension,” London, 1994.

  39. British Council of Offices Annual Conference, London, 1993.

  40. Juror, London Docklands “Decade of Achievement” Awards, London, 1991.

  41. Guest Lecturer: Transport Economists Group, London 2002; West Midlands CIT Conference, 1990; University of Hawaii, Department of Urban Studies, USA 1988; York University, Faculty of Business Administration, Canada, 1986; and University of Waterloo, School of Architecture, Canada,1985.

MICHAEL SCHABAS has written and presented extensively on the management strategies of railways and urban transport systems. He has a detailed understanding of the technical, economic and political opportunities and constraints within which rail and urban transit systems must operate.

As an advisor, bidder and contractor, he has a comprehensive knowledge of finance and contractual delivery structures such as public-private-partnerships, concessions and franchises.